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Old Bird Midweek Racing 2022 Young Bird Midweek Racing 2022
 Wed 27th April  Peebles  55 miles  Wed 27th July  Peebles  55 miles
 Wed 4th May  Hawick  70 miles  Wed 3rd Aug  Peebles  55 miles
 Wed 11th May  Hawick  70 miles  Wed 10th Aug  Hawick  70 miles
 Wed 18th May  Carter Bar  90 miles  Wed 17th Aug  Hawick  70 miles
 Wed 25th May  Berwick  100 miles  Wed 24th Aug  Carter Bar  90 miles
Old Bird Open Races with Lanarkshire Federation 2022
 Sat 14th May  Catterick  150 miles      
 Sat 21st May  Ripon  165 miles      
 Sat 28th May  Wakefield  185 miles      
 Sat 4th June  Worksop  215 miles      
 Sat 11th June  Melton Mowbray  250 miles      
Scottish National Flying Club 2022
 Sat 18th June  SNFC Huntingdon OB  290 miles      
 Sat 10th Sept  SNFC Huntingdon YB  290 miles      

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